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Vitamins to enhance Men’s general health and aging

Posted on: Tue, 11/22/2022 - 13:46 By: editor

Everyone needs various vitamins, which are essential in many vital functions, but do men over 50 years need particular vitamins?

Follow us in the following article to learn more about the essential vitamins for +50 men.


The functions of vitamins for +50 men’s health

  • Brain and memory

B Vitamins

When it comes to brain health, especially in older men, focus on the three B’s: vitamins B6, B12, and B9 (folate). These three B vitamins are necessary for the brain’s normal functioning. Any deficiency in them may increase the risk of memory loss and other forms of cognitive decline.


  • Eye function


Lutein maintains eye health, reduces the risk of macular degeneration, reduces the risk of developing cataracts, and maintains skin health and its role in maintaining the cardiovascular system.


  • Digestion and detox

Vitamin C

Because it’s an antioxidant, many people associate vitamin C with preventing colds and helping reduce the signs of aging. Still, according to the NIH, this essential vitamin also aids digestion by supporting healthy teeth and gums and helping the body absorb iron.


  • Heart and blood


People with high cholesterol have Q10 at low levels, and cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the natural stock of Q10 in the body. Studies have shown that taking Q10 supplements restores the natural focus in the body and reduces associated muscle pain.


  • Reproductive system

Ginseng Plant

 The ginseng plant is one of the essential plants to treat infertility and erection problems in men. It treats sexual dysfunction as well as enhances sexual behavior and gonadal functions.

  • Muscle and bone health

Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins everyone needs at any age, and it can be obtained easily through sunlight. Still, many men practice jobs that do not make them exposed to enough sunlight and, therefore, may need more.

Vitamin D helps men absorb calcium, which helps protect muscles and bones, especially with age. Vitamin D may also reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart attacks.


  • Energy release


Magnesium is an essential vitamin for maintaining overall health. That’s because it plays a crucial role in turning the food we eat into energy our bodies can use. However, it is also present in hundreds of diverse systems in the body – in maintaining the health of your nerves and muscles, and in regulating blood pressure, for example.


Men can get the required amount of vitamins through a healthy and rich diet, but not everyone, especially +50 men, may be interested in getting those vitamins from their main sources; for that reason, Maddox Pharma Swiss formulated Maddovit 50+  with Ginseng ® , a specially balanced nutritional combination to help support the health needs of senior active people.

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