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Maddosol Isotonic

Posted on: Sun, 03/13/2022 - 13:56 By: editor
Maddosol Isotonic

Maddosol Isotonic restores the natural moisture of the nasal mucosa, the ability of self-purification, and normal production of mucus which protects it from drying and mechanical irritation (smoke, dust, etc.).

Maddosol Isotonic nasal spray solution is an isotonic sea salt solution. Maddosol Isotonic spray solution is intended for people with disturbed normal physiological function of the nasal mucosa, as well as to maintain daily hygiene of the nasal cavity. Maddosol Isotonic solution returns the nasal cavity to its natural moisture self-cleaning ability and normal production of mucus that protects it from drying out and mechanical stimuli (smoke, dust, and so on). Regular rinse of the nasal cavity several times a day reduces the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract.

When to use Maddosol Isotonic spray?
• For daily nasal hygiene.
• In patients with impassable airway, viral colds, and runny nose of allergic origin.
• In dry and irritated mucous membranes whose normal physiological function is disrupted.
• For people who are prone to dryness of respiratory mucosa during travel or staying in a room with central heating and air conditioning.
• Immediately prior to use of nasal drops, to wash nasal cavity and provide better contact with the nasal mucous membrane of the drug.

1 ml of spray contains 9 mg of sea salt. Solvent: purified water.

Contains preservative: benzalkonium chloride 0.1 mg/ml.

1 spray into each nostril several times a day.


Prior to first use remove the protective ring from the plastic cap - atomizer. Hold the bottle in a vertical position. Remove the protective cap and press the pump several times until the first spray appears. Insert the nozzle into your nostril and press down on the nozzle to release spray. At the same time, hold the bottle vertically, and do not tilt the head backward. During the spraying, breathe in gently through the nose. After use, remove the nozzle and clean with water. Dry and put it back.

Shelf life after first opening: 6 weeks.
Storing: keep in original packaging, protect from light, 15°C - 25°C.
Keep out of reach of children.