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    Maddox Pharma Swiss provide high quality pharmaceutical products Reliable Quality For A Better Life
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    Maddox Pharma Swiss is a provider of high-quality pharmaceuticals and food supplements products coming from the heart of Europe
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    Supplementing Healthy Living


  • Overall Wellness
  • Embrace Women’s Health
  • Love Yourself A Little More This Valentine’s
  • How the winter season affects your body?
  • Vitamins to enhance Men’s general health and aging
  • Role of Vitamins in Women’s Health
  • Pregnancy Journey and Beyond
  • High Blood Pressure Diet
  • 6 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin
  • 5 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12
  • Basic Protective Measure Against the New Coronavirus
  • What is Your Skin Trying to Tell You
  • Healthy Mind for a Happy child


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Customer Reviews

  • After 2 weeks of using Maddovit B12,  I started to feel more energetic, doing my daily activity, I strongly recommend this product.

  • Thank you for making this product, I have tried different products that contain omega to my daughter but she refused them all because the taste was very bad until she tried Omegaddox. now she asks for it.

  • I used Calddox kids for my child when he was 1 year old and he used to have a lack of calcium and I saw the difference from the first month thank you Maddox Pharma Swiss for these amazing products 

  • One of my friends advised me to try Collagen beauty I used to have hair loss after pregnancy I took the first pack and directly I brought the second one you can see the difference from the first pack amazing product

  • One of my favorite supplement companies I am addicted to effervescent vitamins it has a good taste and I always use them in the morning and before going to the gym